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over 1 year ago

NPO Projects Details

  • Citizen Schools California : They are looking for an app that a child in middle school can use to answer a social/emotional growth related asseement question that a teacher can ask using the app. The teacher then analyse the result and will use that data to focus on that particular behavioural/social- emotional problem that the child is going through. Survey monkey does not make it appealing for the child to come out and fill out the survey on a computer the app will hopefully attract the child and get answers on the phone. Also, Survey Monkey does not provide the ability to setup a survey on the spot. This app would give them acces to the set of questions through the app instantly. (We need to confirm this with them if they want it real time). Impact - All schools in CA will be able to use this app in thier after school programs becuase all schools have been working on social emotional skills learning - especially in middle schools. We need to figure out how we could make this scalable and attractive.
  • The Bread Project - Trainee Bake Sale - Create an online retail portal/e-commerce platform, integrated with webpage to showcase social enterprise products & services. 1. Shopping cart integration for the SKUs they have today and in the future 2. Seasonal sales/bulk order support 3. Integration with salesforce for their business process for order fulfillment 4. online payments
  • The Bread Project - Manage profiles of job seekers - Build system to connect job opportunities to graduates. They are looking for a project which would help create workers there profiles and make it available for vendors to review.Based on there skills and availability, they would get a call/interview.She also mentioned that most of the workers are immigrants and are not very fluent in english. Hence they want a way to translate.
  • Give Light Foundation (1) - Volunteer sign up and management processes. Volunteers are recruited through word of mouth and through search hits. People sign up online by filling out a form. They also sometimes email Give Light Today the process is adhoc. The online application requires manual-follow-up Excel doc with volunteer information 
  • Give Light Foundation (2) - Automate volunteer match up based on different parameters.The online application requires manual-follow-up, Excel doc with volunteer information Variables for matching - Geography, skills, timeframe. This project is scoped to automatically match the skills of the volunteers.
  • Food Craft Institute - Enabling distance learning for the underserved. 
  • EARN Inc - Utilize SMS to integrate into existing solution to interact with users to enable 1:1 and 1:many interactions to increase overall engagement and overall savings rates. 
  • City Of SanjoseDepartment of Transportation(1) - As repairs happen in various parts of the city, it is hard to get status of the completion of the work. Many times the work is behind or ahead of schedule. The project is to track the status of these repairs in real-time. Evaluation of the best channel for adoption needs to be done - waze, My San Jose app, etc. are some options. We might need to scope this to tracking closures of a specific kind - like intersections. The problem statement is quite open at this point and part of the solve will be brainstorming on various ideas.
  • City Of SanjoseDepartment of Transportation(2) - Crowdsource, track, and communicate road closures. The project is to measure the impact of a city-led program to promote walking. Today there is no clearly defined way for the city to measure how well their Walk n Roll program is doing. SOme of the potential data sources to measure the impact could be police reports data and data from schools. Part of the problem is to brainstorm on how best to gather this data from the public. Ideal outcome here is an automated process of measuring how many people are participiating the the program. Part of the program is to also make the beighborhoods safe for walking so there might be soemthing for tracking any incidents during walks as well.
  • Ushahidi - They are looking for some kind of a chatbot that can automatically fill out a survey and instant locatingof the resource for various needs. They have done a prototype using facebook messanger and launched it as a sample to test it in production. Got good feedback.They are looking to enhance this feature and make its presence across all the chat channels like facebook messanger, website, twitter, sms etc. Whatever data is collected through any one tool should be crowd sourced and populated live for anyone in need. Ex: Reporters.